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Palladium Mambo HK -- Grappa's Cellar
The biggest Venue for Salsa / Latin Party



--Ticket Admmission: HK$180/person with 1 std. drink or
750ml large bottle water (sparkle or still)

--Grappa's Address: Basement, Jardine House, No. 1 Connaught Road, Central, HK

--Lessons: 2 level of Bachata lessons from 8-830pm with Simon F. and Franky Salsaman.


--For tickets & booking: +852 9410 8652 (Salsaman Franky Whatsapp / Wechat)



A)HK Legendary Sunday Caliente Salsa @ Xperience (Since 2006~Present). Most welcome and popular Salsa Club Night.



Sunday @ 8pm Xperience has been winner of "The Best Salsa Venue Award Winner in HK" since 2006. 8 years in a roll, Fun4u is proud to presents Xp as the "HK Salsa Paradise in Hogn Kong. Many overseas visitors who'd been to Xperience have already taken Xp as the Salsa Venue icon in HK!!!.


Beginners don't stay behind, join Sunday Club Salsa class from 8:30pm with Salsaman Franky, who brought Salsa to HK with Ricci Yasin and Joseph Ennin from 1997. Salsa dancing not only keep you fit, but also enrich your social circle of friends. You will meet friends from France, Italy, USA, Australia, India China and more...

See how we celebrate weekly Salsa party at Xperience( Video )



8:00-8:30 Inter lesson

9-11 DJ Eric

Xperience Address:

8:30-9:00 Beg lesson


11-late DJ Simon/Ralph


g/f., 33 lockhart Rd


Admission HK$150 2 std. drinks Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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B) Friday. Salsa Madness Party @ Xperience 10:30pm



Salsa + Mambo + Cuban= SalMambano!!!! Friday. at Xperience. The Salsa party will start from 10:30pm. Fun4u DJs, Eric Charpentier (Salsa God Father)/ Simon Fung (hksf Salsa DJ)/ Franky W. (Salsaman) / and Ralph R. will start the night with Salsa + Mambo + Cuban + Bachata + Rueda + Zouk + Kizomba and other music.more.... 10:30pm is only the beginning of your fantastic weekend. For Non-dancers, they can enjoy their drinks at the terrence, sitting comfortably and watching wonderful dance performance by all hard core Salsa lovers... To Learn, please join Sun. Beginner Salsa club lesson from 8:30pm.



2 std. drinks
wan chai, hong kong
party till late...3:30am






Previous Fun4u New Year Eve Party @ Club Xperience 31/Dec. 2014 (8:00-12:00am)









Nanjing Salsa Festival -- Nanjing, China Sept. 5-7 2014



2014南京莎莎节嘉宾拉丁salsa世界冠军 David Zepeda 将和我们一起过个难忘的中秋nan jing salsa festival 舞会加大师课只要680(7月价格)订票:dianna 15618686803 .
For Salsa lovers from Hong Kong, Please contact Fun4u Salsaman Franky Wong @ 9410 8652 or Email



10th/September 2014 Timbalive Live Concert in Shanghai, China
After NJSF, don't miss the after festival Timbalive Live Latin Music Concert in Shanghai on 10/Sept. Please contact Ms. Dianna Gu 15618686803 for ticket reservation / 订票:dianna 15618686803.
For Salsa lovers from Hong Kong, Please contact Fun4u Salsaman Franky Wong @ 9410 8652 or Email






Previous Memorable Parties

31/July Thursday Bonus Live Music Latin Party @ 8pm (Chris Polanco Birthday Live Concert @ Grappa's Cellar).


Chris Polanco, leader of Azurca Latina, is one of the best Band Players in HK. Chris is taking this very special moment, 10th Birthday in HK, to share his great music with all his fans in Grappa's -- the greatest dance venue in HK on 31/July 2014.


If you are non dancers or new to latin music, you will also benefit be there on time and learn the romantic Bachata and simple club dance Merengue with Salsaman Franky, Fun4u director/ Main Salsa party orgnaizer in HK.



31/July 8:00-8:30 Intro lessons Bachata / Merengue

Live Band

@ Grappa's Cellar

Address: Basement , NO. 1 Connaught Road, Central
Admission HK$200 1 std. drinks

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Bonus) 19/April Special Easter Salsa Night at Grappa's Cellar, Basement Jardine Hosue, 1 Connaught Road, Central. 9-12:45am



Saturday @ 9pm Grappa's Cellar With a large stage area flanked by staircases and an upper-level bar, Grappa's Cellar is the famous host of weekly swing dance event. And it's fortunate that Grappa's will add the spicy Salsa Party for the Special Easter long weekend on 19/April in associate with Fun4u Productions, one of the organizers that has the longest history in teaching and organizing party in Hong Kong. Not only the choices of food will enhance your appetite, but the sensual environment and the four best Latin DJs in HK will bring your Latin Party mood high up to the next level. .


Beginners can enjoy the all level Salsa teaching by Salsaman Franky from 9-930pm. Salsa dance party will start sharp from 9:30pm -- 12:45am. With capacity over 350 people in the house, best audio setting, it will be the greatest pleasure for HK and China Salsa lovers who can really burn the floor and fine dining at the same venue. If you miss this Easter special Salsa night, you may have to wait for another year to have such legendary dance experience. Fun for you guys is Salsaman and fu4nu team's mission. Hope to see you all at Grappa's Cellar on the 19/April Saturday Easter Long weekend.




9:00-9:30pm all Level lesson

DJs Eric & Ralph

Grappa's cellar

9:30pm-12:45am Party


DJs Simon & Franky


b/f, Jardine House, 1 Connaught Rd, central


Admission HK$160 2 std. drinks Hong Kong


C) 24/Dec. 2013 Christmas Eve Salsa Night @ Xperience 10:00pm TIll Dawn





D) 31/Dec. 2013-14 New Year Eve Salsa Night @ Xperience 11:30pm TIll early morning (Count down @ Mid-night)









This Friday, 1st Mar., will be the perfect timing to celebrate the Official Dominican Indenpendence day @ Club Xperience. Starting from 10:30pm. DJ Eric SalsaGodfather will have greatest latin music spin all night long... Your host -- Salsaman Franky Wong.



Xperience Christmas Dinner and Salsa Party 23/Dec. 2012 Sunday 8:00~very late
Food will be ready from 8:00-10:30pm. Same door charge for all night. Come early and enjoy the best value of your Xmas night at Xperience. DJ Ralph will spin his best seasonal Latin collection for Salsa lovers' pleasure. To buy ticket in advanced and get early bird discount, please contact Franky @ 9410 8652 or email


Xperience New Year Eve Latin Mixed Salsa Party 31/Dec. 2012 Monday 9:30~dawn...
Pumping dance music will start from 9:30pm by DJ Godfather, Eric Charpentier. Theme: Movie character costume attire. The idea is to have fun and be happy. eg. Kung Fu Panda, Captain America, Iron Man... As long as we can all enjoy the best time of the year together Salsa and laughing together.
The best dressed persons will win HK$1000.00 cash
(sponsored by Fun4u and Xperience)
To buy ticket in advanced and get early bird discount, please contact Franky @ 9410 8652 or email or buy tickets this week Friday and Sunday at Xperience!



** Halloween Salsa Night **


31st/Oct 9:00pm @ Club Xperience, Wan chai

Best Costume players --- win HK$1000.00 cash



(July~August) Fun4u Customer Appreciation Reward. Over HK $6000.00 had been given to winning salseras/ros For the past 4 weeks, Fun4u is proud to presented more than HK$6000 to our customers. Many happy faces and spirit are found at the Best Salsa Venue: Xperience since 2005-- the number-1 rated HK salsa venue for the past 6 years. Fun4u will continue do our best w/ best DJs: Eric (Salsa Godfather); Simon (HKSF DJ); Ralph R. (Chicago MusicMan) & Franky (Salsaman) putting on their hot stuff for your moves.


Sunday Venue address: Xperience Club G/f, 33 Lockhart Road, HK. *If you like this news, please spread it among your friends. Thanks! Http:// Fun 4 u Salsaman (Franky) FUN 4 U