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Friday. 11:00pm Salsa Madness Party @ Xperience


Salsa + Mambo = SalMamBosa!!!! Friday. at Xperience. This weekend will be a surprise. The Salsa party will start from 11:00pm. Fun4u & Xperience will also provide spicy finger food after mid-night. The norm of Eat Drink Dance Action, EDDA will become your Friday night dance slogan at Xperience.


Fun4u DJs, Eric Charpentier (Salsa God Father)/ Simon Fung (hksf Salsa DJ)/ Franky W. (Salsaman)/ DJ Edwardn and Guest DJs Yaya and Ralph R. will start the night with Salsa + Mambo + Bachata + Rueda + Zouk and other music.more.... Party starts 11:00pm. Even non-dancing customers can enjoy the dynamic atmosphere at Xperience.
1 or 2 std. drinks
wan chai, hong kong
party till late...3:30am


fun4u inside story... coming up

Sunday "Salsa Caliente" @ Xperience

Xperience Salsa Venue Award Winner since 2007 and is the longest Salsa Venue in Hong Kong since 2006. Many visitors and local Salsero/ras treated Xperience & Fun4u as the local Salsa authority. Whenever they feel like Salsa, Sunday Xperience is the place to hang out, have fun and meet great people. Fun4u has design to benefits Non-salsa dancers or beginners who can relax and comfort them for the 1st half of the evening.


Warm up class starts 8:00pm sharp with top Salsa instructors and follow with romantic / soft music for rookies to warm up and enjoy. Music and temple and actions will get heat up around tenwish when regular are prepare well enough and ready to rock the floor. This is how Sunday work out for all dance lovers. If you have not tried out Sunday. Make Monday sick and stay as late as you can to "Experience" it yourself.

8-9:00pm lesson

9:00pm party till late

g/f., 33 lockhart Rd

Admission HK$110 2 std. drinks Wan Chai

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fun4u inside story... coming up

Farewell "Salsa Romantica " @ Bar George Thursday on 30th September


Happy but sad to mention, Bar George had finished its September Salsa fever. Many Salsa or non-Salsa people enjoy the dance night at Bar George. Surprisingly many pub crawlers do not realize that BG has such a big inner compartment for dancing.


If you missed the Salsa night at Bar George, don't worry. At the mean time, don't forget we have Friday Midnight and Sunday early bird Salsa at Xperience, Wan Chai, HK.


Good Bye BAR GEORGE, will be back...

Admission HK$100

Time: 9:30pm

G/F, 38-44 D’Aguilar St

w/ 1 gl of JC wine party till 2:00am Central, Hong Kong

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