Friday. Salsa Madness Party @ Xperience 10:30pm

Salsa + Mambo + Cuban= SalMambano!!!! Friday. at Xperience. The Salsa party will start from 10:30pm. Fun4u DJs, Eric Charpentier (Salsa God Father)/ Simon Fung (hksf Salsa DJ)/ Franky W. (Salsaman) / and Ralph R. will start the night with Salsa + Mambo + Cuban + Bachata + Rueda + Zouk + Kizomba and other music.more.... 10:30pm is only the beginning of your fantastic weekend. For Non-dancers, they can enjoy their drinks at the terrence, sitting comfortably and watching wonderful dance performance by all hard core Salsa lovers... To Learn, please join Sun. Beginner Salsa club lesson from 8:30pm.

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