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Mission: Fun4u Salsaman Franky, Artistic director, would like to share his Salsa happiness with all dance lovers. Fun4u provides good quality Salsa class and parties in HK since 2000, starting at Fringe Club, Central. At present, Franky runs his class in his Wan Chai studio (right opposite of Charter House Hotel.)

Salsa is a STREET LATIN DANCE (very different from British Style Ballroom/Latin form, particular the competition type). To benefit from Salsa, enjoy Fun4u's Class & Club nights to spice up your social activity and enlarge your circle of friends.


Students will experience the followings:

1) learning -- Salsa is an exercise and hobby. It should be fun and exciting. No extra pressure from learning this great social hobby in your life. Join as a beginner now, and become an experience dancers in parties months or years later.
2) repetition / memorization -- Leader has to improve his body coordination, understand music, and feel the connection. Through repeated practice/training, leader will get a reflex action in leading some common moves. In order to lead in the advance way. Private lesson or profound musicality and connection training is a must.
3) refinement / style-- why someone is better than the other when they do the same step? Posture, body built and execution of dance moves and timing are part of the reason. Men focus on musicality and leading formulations; partners focus on following sensitivity and styling.(arms, body movement, pause between breaks...) Higher level of techniques and patterns refer to how solid of your basic training.
Fun4u Weekly Salsa Class and Party Schedule-->non-stop since 2000
Studio class Party time Club night class
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat
CWB Studio Kizomba Class L1 Beginner with Dave & Eve (France) 1800-1930            
CWB Studio Kizomba Class L2 Inter ~ Adv. with Dave & Eve (France) 1930-2100            
Xperience Club Int. Salsa class 2000-2030   Danzstage studio, Tin Hau. Adv. class 1930-2030        
Xperience Club Beg. Salsa class 2030-2100   Danzstage studio, Tin Hau. Int. class 2030-2130        
Xperience Party 2100-0100   Danzstage studio, Tin Hau. Beg. class 2130-2230     Salsa Madness Party @ Club Xperience 1030-0300  


Every Tuesday Salsa Class at Danzstage Studio

Room 2001-2, 20/f., 148 Electric Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong

**New Fun4u Salsa Course starts 27/Oct 2015**

Fun4u has the longest history in offering Salsa activities in Hong Kong. Many dancers, performers and teachers were started with Franky (Salsaman) at Fringe Club, central.

Salsa Advanced Level Tuesday / Time: 19:30 ~ 20:30

Advanced level is for students who had completed the previous dance levels and would like to enrich/refine themselves with tricky and complicated patterns. The Advance course will cover from a) body movement b) shines, c) partnering as well as d) Musicality.

Salsa Intermediate Level Tuesday / Time: 20:30 ~ 21:30

Inter. level is for students who have basic Salsa skills and knowledge. Main focus will be on partnering and dancing skill. Introduction of Styling and Musicality and footwork will be the branches at this level. Students should more focus to individual improvement. Re-taking the intermediate level is a very common to most of the students. "Enjoy the Salsa Honey Moon period as long and as free as you can", said by instructor-- Salsaman Franky Wong.

Salsa Beginner Level Tuesday / Time: 21:30 ~ 22:30

Beg. level is for partricipants who have no experience or little knowledge of Salsa. No partner is needed. Fun4u Class offers easy to learn method for students to enjoy Salsa at different club nights after gradulation. Fun4u Salsaman Franky believes everyone should enjoy Salsa because it is a great hobby & exercise to busy HK residents.

Course Fee: HK $1200 / 8 lessons (Single drop in = HK$200/ppl)
Every Sunday Kizomba Class Level 1 & 2 Causewaybay 16/f., Studio

16/f., Chung Wai Commercial Building, 447-449 Lockhart Road, Causewaybay, HK

**New Kizomba course will starts 4th October 2015**

New bies / Beginners who have no experience are still welcome to join us.

Fun4u is proud to have Eve and Dave (France) to conduct this fantastic Kizomba workshops in May~June. Their smooth and romantic Kizomba moves have quickly catch our attentions. It is a great opportunity local dance community to catch up the-world-fast-growing-Kizomba wave every Sunday at 16/f., studio at Causewaybay.

Sunday Time: 18:00 ~ 19:30

Kizomba level 1 consists of 4 lessons covers extremely important building blocks for Inter and adv. levels. Leaders and partners will learn not only the basic patterns but also connections and logically leading technique. Styling is also the main ingredience to make you stand out in the party.

Kizomba Inter~Advanced Level 2 Sunday Time: 19:30 ~ 21:00

Kizomba Level 2 consists of 4 lessons. Fancy and tricky patterns are result from great leading and following skills. Participants who are not advance from Fun4u level 1 & 2, are expected to have Kizomba dance experience / background in order to join this level. Inter to Adv. Kizomba patterns will be illustrated.

Course Fee: HK $800 / 4 lessons

Class highlights

L.A. Salsa = On1, west coast Salsa, is the main stream of Salsa dancing in HK. However, On2, east coast Salsa, is also getting popular among students. Professionally speaking, club dancers do on1, on2, Cuban, Rueda, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, Kizomba and Zouk are subject to the music the are dancing. Music serves as bondage between partners. If you like Salsa as much as Fun4u crew do, welcome to join Fun4u weekly parties at Xperience every Friday 10:30pm and Sunday 8:00pm.

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