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Mission: Fun4u Salsaman Franky would like to provide good quality Salsa class and fun party to the HK community. Salsa is a street latin dance which perfect to balance stressful HK work style. To benefit from Salsa, enjoy Fun4u's Club nights to spicy upyour social circle of friends.


Students will experience the followings:

1) learning -- in fun and joyful envoirnment, no partner is need. Details footwork and technique will be discuss in details

2) memorization -- connection between classes and repetition enhances students to build up their skills and styles

3) refinement -- practice makes perfect. Higher level of techniques and patterns will be refined and explained to advanced class students

Eight lessons per session is only a rough index for student to improve from one level to antoher. Students are recommended to retake course at the same level until they are competent to the next level. (Remarks: eg. students retake Intermediate & Advance levels for 3-6 times are very common. With more than over 150 and more different Salsa moves, 8 lessons per level/session is not long enough for one to be a great dancer.)

Every Tuesday Salsa Class at GST Studio

22/f., Great Smart Tower, 230-230A Wan Chai Road, Hong Kong (Opposite of Charter House Hotel)

** No Salsa class on 24th of Feb 2015

Due to Chinese New Year.

Classes resumed on 3rd March 2015.**

New bies / Beginners who have no experience are still welcome to join us.


201522f, Great Smart Tower, 230-230A Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai


Fun4u has the longest history in offering Salsa activities in Hong Kong. Many dancers, performers and teachers were started with Franky (Salsaman) at Fringe Club, central.


Salsa Advanced Level Tuesday / Time: 19:15 ~ 20:15
Advanced level is for students who had completed the previous dance levels and would like to enrich/refine themselves with tricky and complicated patterns. The Advance course will cover from a) body movement b) shines, c) partnering as well as d) Musicality.
Salsa Intermediate Level Tuesday / Time: 20:15 ~ 21:15
Inter. level is for students who have basic Salsa skills and knowledge. Main focus will be on partnering and dancing skill. Introduction of Styling and Musicality and footwork will be the branches at this level. Students should more focus to individual improvement. Re-taking the intermediate level is a very common to most of the students. "Enjoy the Salsa Honey Moon period as long and as free as you can", said by instructor-- Salsaman Franky Wong.
Salsa Beginner Level Tuesday / Time: 21:15 ~ 22:15
Beg. level is for partricipants who have no experience or little knowledge of Salsa. No partner is needed. Fun4u Class offers easy to learn method for students to enjoy Salsa at different club nights after gradulation. Fun4u Salsaman Franky believes everyone should enjoy Salsa because it is a great hobby & exercise to busy HK residents.
Course Fee: HK $1200 / 8 lessons (Single drop in = HK$170/ppl)



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Sunday Shine/Styling Class at CWB 16/f Studio

16/f., Chung Wai Comm. Building, 447-449 Lockhart Road, Causewaybay, Hong Kong

** New Session on Jan. 2015 **

New bies / Beginners who have no experience are welcome


201516/f, Chung Wai Com. Building, 447-449, Lockhart Road, Causewaybay, HK



Shine / Men & Ladies Styling Sunday / Time: 18:00 ~ 19:15
Fun4u Franky & Chris would like to share their knowledge on footwork, body posture refinement and body isolation in the next 4 Sunday
Higher level Shine / Styling class require students to have better knowledge in musicality and techniques. It takes months and years of practice to achieve satisfactory result. If you like to be one of the team builders of Fun4u harmonious goal of “FUN / IMPROVEMENT SYNEGY”.
Course Fee: HK $600 /4 lessons (Single drop in = HK$170/class)



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