Fun4u Dance / Party Organzier

Welcome to Fun4u Production -- A local Latin dance and party orgnaizer. Franky, Salsaman hk,, founder of Fun4u Production, returned from Canada and introduced this hot and spicy Salsa since 1997.

Why Salsa and not other kind of dance?

Salsa dance has many forms and styles, eg. L.A., N.Y. Miami, Cuban, and European styles. Over all, it is a activity for busy city people. Salsa music is magically vibrant. Salsa dance lovers, even beginners, will dance hours in our weekly party, which brings out the "FUN4U" effect---"detoxifcation" & "anti-stress". Fun4u weekly parties provide students & friends a comfort environment to hang out, practice. Many have benefited from Fun4u's classes and parties. Hope you will become one of us -- HK Salsa family.

2 X Weekly Salsa Parties @ Xperience “6 Times Award Winning Salsa Venue” In HK:

Friday Salsa Madness this week 10:30pm ~ 3:30am @ Xperience: G/f., 33 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai
Sunday @ Xperience: G/f., 33 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai (learn Salsa from 8:00pm) Best Salsa Venue Award Winner 6 years continuiously